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Protein Isn’t All You Need

The diet of a vegetarian athlete must be varied and high in carbohydrates, with protein not necessarily being the most critical factor in determining the athlete’s success. The resting metabolic rate of a vegetarian athlete can run up to 11% higher than their meat eating counterparts, which is significant in determining the best nutritional combinations […]

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Healthy Eating for the Athlete

Two friends trained for a marathon together. One slimmed down. The other did not. Why? While both increased their food consumption during the training, the one who saw no weight loss made poor choices in her food options. The other chose more wisely and saw better results. Although reading this you think the results are […]

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The Right Diet for a Bodybuilder

Have you ever walked into the house of someone who loves to lift weights, wants to bulk up quick, and seems to always be at the gym? Most likely you will find that there house is stocked full of supplements, protein powder, and the thought of eating anything that might add fat to their body […]

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