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Athletes Need to Eat Healthy

All human beings require adequate nutrition and water intake in order to achieve optimal health and longevity. Athletes have an even greater requirement for adequate nutrition and though it can be difficult to know what “good nutrition” really means, the main points are quite simple. Ideally, the athlete will have unlimited access to pure water […]

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Protein Rich Diets – Do They Work?

Protein needs are somewhat increased for athletes and active individuals, but these protein needs are actually quite simple to meet. Recommendations for adequate protein intake are 1.2 to 1.4 g/kg body weight per day for endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers, dancers etc.), and 1.6 to 1.7 g/kg body weight per day for resistance and strength-trained […]

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There’s More to Athletes Than Protein Diets

Vegetarian athletes face nutritional challenges that non-vegetarians do not. For instance, consuming adequate quantities of proteins, fats, zinc, and fiber will prevent amenorrhea in female athletes, which is a common malady in women who are training intensely and/or limiting their dietary intake in order to maintain low body weight. Lower circulating estrogen levels in female […]

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