Athletes and Correct Nutrition

SaladControversy in sports is ever apparent in today’s news. We constantly hear about use of illegal substances and an athlete doing whatever it takes to be the best they can be in their sport. But at what cost? There are young teenage boys wanting to make it to college football so they are willing to take steroids. Unfortunately, these drugs are known to stunt growth. Alternatively, they could consider being healthy and realize that what and how they eat also affects their performance.

Carbohydrates in particular are a great source of energy. When consumed prior to an athletic event, they can be extremely beneficial to the athlete. However, if consumed too close to the event, carbohydrates and fat can slow down the athlete and hurt their performance. While most athletes might not be as aware of using what they eat as a source of fuel, they seem to know of the importance of remaining hydrated. Athletes in high school and college especially consume a large amount of sports drinks to stay hydrated and additionally they drink water as well. Hydration is key to their performance. When not properly hydrating, the risk of injuries is higher and they are not reaching their full potential as athletes.

Sports Nutrition

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