Athletes Need Protein Rich Diets

1160549___soccer__1When you think of being anemic, you might think of the medical questionnaires that you are often asked to fill out when you go to see a new doctor. These questionnaires are just basic inquiries gathering general information about your health. If you answer yes to being anemic, then you have low iron in your blood. You might be tired more often then normal. Luckily, for most people anemia is a relatively simple problem to fix. Did you know, however, that there is a similar “sports anemia” that happens when athletes train and do not eat enough protein? It may sound weird, but just like those who are tired because their blood doesn’t have enough iron, athletes without enough protein in their diets too can suffer fatigue.

For athletes to avoid the “sports anemia” it is important that they consume enough protein. Sources say that if athletes will try to consume about 10 to 12 percent of the total calories they eat in protein they should be healthy and have the stamina for competition. For most people, a varied diet will allow them to reach these levels of intake. And it is estimated that most people tend to eat more then the recommended amount of protein everyday. So, as long as the athlete is not a vegetarian, they are probably prepared and healthy for their sport.

Sports Nutrition

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