Does the Paleo Diet Work?

1141335_meet_4If you have been to your local bookstore lately than you may have stumbled across a new health book entitled, “The Paleo Diet For Athletes.” This book contains information on an athletes diet and it is based on clinical, nutritional, and historical science. According to the books subtitle, it will allow an athlete to obtain their “peak athletic performance.” The book discusses a lot of interesting topics including getting a competitive edge, meal timing to help turbo-charge performance, how to improve long-term health, fueling up for specific sports, and the best recovery methods after an event. It sounds like a great resource for athletes. However, does the diet work?

According to sources, not only does the diet work, but also it is very straightforward and easy to follow. The great thing about the book is it teaches you proper nutrition, not a fad diet. The book been praised by its readers, and the following reasons help explain the diet’s effectiveness.

• It benefits your muscle development and anabolic function.
• The diet helps reduce tissue inflammation common among athletes.
• There is a decrease of catabolic effect on the bones and muscles, which allows for protein synthesis.
• High amount of nutrients helps promote long-term recovery.

Try the Paleo Diet today, especially if you are an athlete.

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