Healthy Eating for the Athlete

1163526_orangeTwo friends trained for a marathon together. One slimmed down. The other did not. Why? While both increased their food consumption during the training, the one who saw no weight loss made poor choices in her food options. The other chose more wisely and saw better results.

Although reading this you think the results are obvious, the friend who did not slim down is unhappy. She thinks that she is unable to lose weight. And while a lot of athletes do not compete to lose weight, most would argue that they are very fit. So, what is the problem with the friend who does not feel so fit?

Fitness experts would tell you it is her diet. When exercising, athletes should consume more food. However, the wrong foods can prevent the muscle from building. And, we know that muscle burns fat. This is why the friend who ate junk food lost no weight.

More importantly, strong muscles allow athletes to compete more effectively. So it is important for them to eat a healthy well-balanced meal and additionally to stay hydrated. Another suggestion is to make sure that they vary their meals and keep track of them so that they make sure their bodies are getting all of the nutrients they need to stay fueled for their activities.

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