How to Get More Protein

1021157_cracked_eggHealth experts usually advise that people consume a good amount of protein. Specifically for athletes, protein is an extremely important nutrient. Why is this? Muscles are made from protein. Unlike other organs, there is no place for the body to store protein. So, the only way for our muscles to remain healthy and perform properly is by consuming the right amount of protein.

Protein can be found in a variety of foods. You do not just have to eat a lot of steak to get more protein in your diet. In fact, the 2 main sources of protein come from animals or plant and vegetables. Animal proteins include meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, and eggs. All of the animal proteins have nine essential amino acids as well. Plant proteins include foods like legumes and white grains. Plant proteins are good sources of protein, however they do not have all the essential sources of amino acids that animal proteins have. If you are going to consume plant proteins, consider eating a complementary protein with it so you get more value from the food.

Most Americans typically consume plenty of protein, however if you feel that your diet is lacking, consider adding some of these key food items to your daily intake.

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