The Best Hydration Choices for Athlete Diets

1012234_cool_drink1One Saturday, I spent the day with my dad. We had a great day and ate more than we anticipated. It was the weekend, we figured. The thing I remember about the day was my dad kept drinking diet coke all day long. I don’t remember him ever drinking water. And, at the end of the night (probably 10 diet cokes later) he said to me, “I am so thirsty.” Then, he went to the fridge and got another diet coke. It was hilarious to me that he was using diet coke to quench his thirst – especially with all the options for effective hydration on the market out there today. And while it may not be that imperative for my dad to stay properly hydrated on a Saturday night, it is extremely important for athletes to stay adequately hydrated.

Athletes need to make sure they are choosing the right drinks to stay hydrated. Water is obviously the best option. It will replenish water fluids the body lost while exercise. Dairy is ok but it sometimes causes a phlegm problem. Also, juice is good as long as it does not have too much sugar.

If possible, avoiding caffeinated beverages will be ideal. These beverages actually dehydrate the body. Lastly, sports drinks are great for endurance athletes because they provide electrolytes that help with overall performance.

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