What Do Athletes Eat For Health??

1041406_athlete_2Club sports for young teenage girls are exciting and fun. And while it is great for the young girls to experience healthy, spirited competition, it is often interesting what happens socially outside of the sport. Consider for a second a weekend soccer tournament. There is a break in between games and no healthy food around so the young girls decide to hit up the local Carl’s Jr. Not only do they eat lots of french fries and fattening foods, but they also decide to finish their meal off with a shake. It sounds like a normal thing for most Americans to do. Unfortunately, one hour later these girls have to be back on the soccer field for 90 minutes straight. Their ability to endure and compete will be greatly hindered by their quick pit stop.

So what should these girls be eating between games? Suggestions for healthy eating when it comes to athletes advise consuming 65% complex carbohydrates, 10 to 15% fat (preferably from vegetables), and 10% protein. Furthermore, it has been noted that one of the major reasons for fatigue in athletes is the consumption of too much milk. It is no wonder those girls who had those milkshakes did not play too well in their second game in the tournament. Hopefully, in the future they will follow the advice listed above to stay healthy and perform better.

Sports Nutrition

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